UV-4 Water Sterilization System Specifications

Rated flow: 3.75 Litres per minute (1 Gallon per minute)
Maximum flow: 5.8 Litres per minute
U.V. Dose@Rated flow: 29,500 mw/sec/cm2
U.V. Dose@Maximum flow: 18,500 mw/sec/cm2
Power: 12VDC (with supplied 110V adapter)
Power consumption: 12 Watt
Maximum operating temperature: 37°C
Maximum operating pressure: 100psi
Plumbing: " N.P.T. In-Out
Outside dimensions: 13" x 15" x 2.5"
Complete system includes: ---UV-4 Sterilizer
---Power adaptor and cord
---Wall mounting bracket
---2 Quality pre-filters
---36" of plastic hose/connectors
---Tap in connector to water supply
---Faucet for thru counter mount